This guy breaks all laws of physics. Seeing this, you realize that people are also able to fly!

You still firmly convinced that the flight - a lot of birds? And what if I told you that a person can also conquer the vastness of heaven? And we are not talking about airplanes or other technical devices, which are able to move you from one point of light in the opposite ... Whatever anyone says, and the brave souls even transcend the laws of physics! When you see what makes this guy - you will understand what I mean ... It's not like a beautiful mounted video ... It's something more realistic. To say that I am delighted - this is to say nothing!

The perfect body control! And let's say that this guy is still far from perfection in the art of free movement and overcome various obstacles in space, personally I have seen from the breath away. He's a big fellow. It is beautiful, elegant and easy! Everything is as it should be in contemporary art under the uncomplicated called "Parkour". Be sure to show these spectacular pictures your friends!


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