Mother asked the children to sing at the camera. Once they started, I could not take my eyes ...

It is believed that music can revitalize not only the body but also the soul. On the healing properties of music speaks for many. People listen to music for different reasons: some to gain aesthetic pleasure, the other - just to relax after a hard day's work. But many do not represent life without her. This is not surprising! As many scientific studies, music not only affects our mood, but also helps a lot in dealing with stress. Who would not want such a wonderful panacea?

Nathan Leach knows what the "live music" firsthand. The last two years, Nathan puts their own music videos on YouTube. Many of these videos are the covers of various well-known hits, but it is also a collection of original compositions. In this video, Nathan joined his sister Eve. What came out of it, well, just can not leave you indifferent ... It is necessary to admit, my jaw just dropped!

Wonderful creative tandem! Just look at the ease with which the two sing ... It's simple and at the same time incredibly attractive. I have watched this video dozens of times and still could not see enough. Show this video to your friends - I am sure they will like it!


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