His twin brother died right before his eyes. The reaction of this dog, you touched to tears ...

You can immediately prepare handkerchiefs because this video - conclusive proof that the animals are just like us, are experiencing strong emotions. The loss of a pet - it's always for loving owners a great tragedy. The pain they feel at this moment, to some extent even comparable to the pain that we experience when losing a close and dear to the heart of man.

Once the family woke up and discovered that their beloved dog Hank slept last night. All members of the family were hard to bear such a loss, but they were shocked when they saw the twin brother and close friend of Hank's - a dog named Brutus - laments no less than they are. Brutus in any did not want to move away from Hank and for a long time did not move him a step. He was lying all this time at the head of his dead brother.

The owner of the dogs says: «Frankly, for the 2 years that Brutus is living with us, I have never seen this courageous dog whined or cried. But the video clearly can be seen in his eyes appear tears of sorrow and longing for a beloved brother. It seemed that at the time of his world just collapsed before our eyes ». I> You see everything himself ... Those sentimental shots where the big dog was crying like a little puppy, it is simply impossible to watch without tears.

That's what dedication! I thought for a moment that I am over the couple of minutes survived all that at the time felt Brutus ... This is a clear proof of the fact that animals, too, can experience deep feelings. How is it that hard to lose a best friend! Nevertheless, we hope that after the death of the dogs go to heaven. Share this touching videos with their friends.



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