The future is now! These 20 great inventions will facilitate your life today.

Frequently asked question: that's something in our century has invented everything that took it to the head, except for really necessary and practical things. You know, once people also could not imagine how will grow vegetables on the "farm" without taking his fifth point of the chair, but for the phrase "I have a hand froze to talk to you" could and did ring out in a psychiatric hospital. Nevertheless, all these inventions become part of our daily lives. Moreover, we do not even imagine ourselves without them. If you think that a lot of things not yet invented to make our life more convenient - look this incredible collection of absolutely incredible things that already exist. Progress does not stand still! And once you have thought about such?

1. Holder for nail polish

Photo: Pinterest

2. Mesh for drying shoes

Photo: Architecturendesign

3. Chair-ball exercises

Photo: Pinterest

4. The batteries, which are charged from the USB

Photo: Amazon

5. Backpack desperate for cyclists

Photo: The-clu

6. Rosette, powered by the sun

Photo: Behance

7. Bike level 80

Photo: Architecturendesign

8. Cold oil - hot knife

9. Nozzle Spray citrus

Photo: Quirky

10. Alarm-mat. It turns off only when you get it

Photo: Architecturendesign

11. Ironing board Mirror

Photo: Aissalogerot

12. Deckchair solar-powered

Photo: Arts

13. The spiral slicer cucumbers and zucchini

Photo: Amazon

14. Mattress for couples


15. Convenient roller for painting

Photo: Architecturendesign

16. Bedside table new generation

Photo: Hiperoriginal

17. Rag-jelly for any hard to reach places


18. Scooter-bag

Photo: Veicolielettricinews

19. Incredibly convenient addition to any computer

Photo: Architecturendesign

20. Perfect solution for small spaces

Photo: Architecturendesign

And come new ideas, such as someone in the head! Be assured: as long as you think of something, someone on earth has this creates. The future is now! Do you want to tell your friends about these damn ingenious invention?

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