20 photos, which show China is not at its best. Just terrible!

For all of us, China - a beautiful country, which combines respect for tradition and technical progress, and the beauty of untouched nature makes us forget that very close to big cities with skyscrapers, where the fullest full of life. But in some regions of the country - a terrifying ecological situation. Smog, polluted water, garbage and poor sanitation. These 20 photos - a direct confirmation that the Chinese authorities have not yet found solutions to all the above problems. So, what happens to China, simply appalling.

Tourists are photographed against the backdrop of the false horizon.

Photo: Molly Smith

Due to the poisonous smog of Beijing residents forced to wear respiratory masks.

Photo: Kyodo News

Fishermen float on the pollution of Lake Chaohu, Anhui Province.

Photo: Jianan Yu

A man cleans the lake of dead fish, Central China, Hubei Province.

Photo: Reuters

The boy drinks water from a polluted stream, Yunnan Province, Fuyuan County.

Photo: Reuters

worker cleans the oil reservoir, Liaoning.

Photo: Reuters

The child swims in the algae-covered pond, Qingdao, Shandong.

Photo: Reuters

The journalist takes from the polluted river water sample for analysis.

Photo: Reuters

Houses in Beijing is almost obscured by smog.

Photo: China FotoPress

The workers in Shanghai trying to clean waste water.

Photo: Reuters

A boy swims in the pond is very dirty.

Photo: Reuters

The child goes through a flooded street, Shantou, Guangdong, stepping over the years of debris.

Photo: Reuters

A woman collects bottles from contaminated dyes the river.

Photo: Iu palmerini

plant Yutian, 100 km east of Shanghai, throws into the air breakdown products.

Photo: Peter Parks

Attempts to collect garbage on the Yangtze River.

Photo: Reuters

floating in the lake overgrown with dead fish, Wuhan.

Photo: Reuters

The pipe from which the waste is dumped in the Yangtze River.

Photo: William Hong

This river is well, very dirty, Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

Photo: Reuters

Shame Great Wall of China.

Photo: BoredPanda

to jump over piles of garbage boy, Jiaxing.

Photo: William Hong

These pictures are shocking. This about China we did not know. We hope that the government of China will seriously solve the problem of ecology and it as soon as possible. Is it so you can refer to the nature and the people who live in this country, breathe this air and use this water?

Prove to your friends that they do not know anything about China, to share with them these photos.

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