Dance project "Where the hell is Matt?" Blew up the Internet! Positive is guaranteed ...

A little known programmer named Matthew Harding one day decided to do away with their old life and to realize his dream. Now he is known by millions of people around the globe thanks to the project "Where the hell is Matt?". Unusual video hit the Internet and became instantly popular because of the interesting hobby Matt. This single-minded man became known for his cheerful and sincere dance, which he demonstrated in different countries the locals. "Dancing Matt" is not a professional and his choreography is far from ideal. But his movement make you sure to smile, and the general atmosphere of the video will lift your mood for the day.

Matthew - a great example of what You can make your life brighter, more importantly, to want only! Simple man escaped from the monotony of everyday life and gave a smile to 20 million people. Just think! 42 countries in just 14 months! What prevents you to make your dream a reality?

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