The driver of the car was waiting for anything, but just do not ... SUCH terrible to imagine what would have happened!

Uncertainty usually scares and excites. Twists of fate, like twists on the road, is always fraught with something strange and unexpected. You never can be sure that hides the next turn. That's the beauty and tragedy of our lives.

When you're driving in the car, you can expect anything, but not that ... something with which collided in the literal and figurative sense of the white car driver, is beyond any limits. I can hardly imagine that the whole range of feelings that overwhelmed him in that fateful moment. That's what fate! She's always on your plans ...

It turns out that driving need to look not only at the sides but still up and down. Apparently, the driver of this car was born in a shirt and with a golden platter. It is terrible to imagine what would have happened to him! Here, as for me, there were some higher power ... Show me these incredible pictures to your friends.


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