Today, the world knows it as Oprah Winfrey. But you have no idea, after what she went through ...

The fate of this little girl - not from enviable. From what she had gone through, freezes the blood in your veins.

Oprah Winfrey was born in 1954 in Mississippi, USA. Her mother she was a teenager, so her grandmother gave her daughter in foster care. The child lived in such poverty that he had to wear a dress, made of bags from under the potatoes, which served as a pretext for bullying by other children. Strong grandmother beat the girl every day. In addition, the child himself was forced to cut branches that smacked him "the teacherĀ».

But the real nightmare begins when Oprah was 6 years old my mother moved to the city. My mother worked all the time and it is more like a half-sister girl. Oprah is not even allowed to sleep in the house, she was kept in the yard like a dog. When she was 9, the girl constantly raped a family friend, an uncle and a cousin, but she did not believe anybody. The girl suffered all this up to 13 years, and then ran out of the house.

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Like her mother, Oprah was pregnant at age 13. But the baby was born prematurely and lived for only two weeks. While still very young, the girl had to look at her dying child. She was only 14, but her life has been like a ruin. Oprah was on the bottom, but the dilemma of "surrender or fight" she pick a fight.

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She moves in with her father in Nashville. He was very strict, but still the first who really cared about a girl and her future, so education has been in the first place. The girl went into one of the best schools, and here begins her way to the top.

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In the southern states in the 60s was the only African-American Oprah at her school. Her classmates used to the fact that blacks are only suitable for the role of servants. Therefore, the girl had to work at full capacity, to convince ourselves and others that it is worth something. With tireless zeal, she bowled his way to the university.

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Oprah is studying at the Faculty and media industry is not only the youngest but also the first African-American news anchor. After a while she appears his own talk show, which look more than 20 million Americans.

The 32 former girl in a dress from the bag became a millionaire. 10 years later, thanks to his media empire, her condition has $ 340 million. Today, Oprah Winfrey is not only the only African-American woman billionaire, but also one of the most influential figures in the world.

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Oprah history shows that is not so important where you come from and how was your childhood. Everyone has all the prerequisites for success. In addition, all the cruelty of racism and aggression, with which it had to face, it does not harden, but instead pushed to make as much effort to achieve their goals.

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