Lady Gaga - the first among the young millionaires

Lady Gaga recently threw off the pedestal Oprah Winfrey's list of most influential celebrities of Forbes, is now led the ranking of the richest celebrities under the age of 30 years. The former "queen of the mountains", Beyonce, could not resist the onslaught of "Queen of the Monsters", earned in the past 12 months to $ 90 million. For the past year, the indefatigable Gaga held 137 shows in 22 countries and has sold about 15 million. Copies of their albums. To her lined up a waiting list of advertisers, including Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Monster Cable, Viva Glam and Our compatriot, owner of TD "Abbot", the director of a network of shops "Ruble Boom", Arkady Bakhtin put $ 1 million. For the right to play in a music video for the song «Alejandro». In recognition of the singer's work takes her all the time, even for the sake of the success had to give up sex. Not surprisingly, she was able to bypass other celebrities in terms of earnings. On the second line located debutant rated 17-year-old Justin Bieber. His new album, My Life 2.0 immediately went platinum, and his live shows are collected on the $ 600 000 per night. Total profit Bieber on estimates Forbes, the past year was $ 53 million. Closes the top three NBA star LeBron James. His sports career is not on the rise, however, he remains the most successful brand among all competitors. Only in the last 12 months he earned $ 48 million. Also in the ranking of the young and wealthy turned the tennis player Roger Federer ($ 47 mln.), Singer Taylor Swift ($ 45 million.), Pop star Katy Perry ($ 44 million.), Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ( $ 38 million.), rnb-singer Beyonce has slipped from the top spot in the eighth with earnings of $ 35 million. striker "Barcelona" Lionel Messi ($ 32 mln.), and closes the top ten tennis player Rafael Nadal ($ 31 million). Our compatriot Maria Sharapova won 15 th place, earning over last year $ 24 million.


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