Airbus has promised to create a "glass plane» 2050

Airbus on the eve of the air show in Le Bourget, introduced the concept of a fully transparent "glass" of the aircraft. According to the developers, "passengers will be able to experience a completely different feeling of flight inspired by nature." Especially thrilling experience aerophobia, which even the view porthole brings a frenzy. Despite the fact that the sky clear vzmoet Airbus in the sky until 2050, should already start training nerves. In a press release, it said that the aircraft of the future will provide passengers with all imaginable entertainment and intelligent system will respond to the needs of the passenger. Travelers will be able to on board to arrange online conference, enjoy a game of virtual golf, read the children left at home, bedtime stories, looking at the ground at his feet. Chairs will automatically adjust to the anatomical features of every traveler. Airbus in the future will not be the traditional division of zones of classes: they will be replaced "zhizneobogaschayuschie zone" where you can recharge your batteries, vitamins and antioxidants, enriched air to breathe, walk aromatherapy and acupuncture, while admiring the views of the Earth. Bionic aircraft structure is comparable with the bird skeleton: lightweight and durable. It is stated that the whole cabin will be made of recycled materials, and electrical work at the expense of body heat of passengers.


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