Gods of the beach season: the best pictures of how someone spent the summer.

Of course, the best evidence of any good vacation - great pictures. So many try to specifically prepare for the beach season to look stunning against the backdrop of the sea waves, white sand and exotic palms. But some, apparently, did not steamed about how they look on the beach. Sometimes, the camera lens is unable to capture that then downright impossible to sleep! As they say, there is something to remember - nothing to tell the grandchildren.

I prepared a delicious selection of the best pictures of the previous bathing season. Until now kompleksuesh that you somehow did not really sitting swimsuit? Then quickly look at these pictures - you realize that you have a photogenic still okay. Warning: These photos can lead to long bouts of laughter. Let's go!

I'm telling you: do not drink the water - become a kid!

Who is it that said about the weaker sex?

Anti-Gravity: what's left overs.

This is only the bony frame spoils!

you will not see God.

Photogenic - not her strong point.

80 Peskovik level.

Yes me only 80 kg, the rest - the charm, charisma and experience!

Venus, born from the foam of the sea, is this you?

When a lifeline comes ...

And the back, please Scratch!

Cause I'm Batman ...


I Water, Water I ...

The laws of physics have no control over it.

Note: A danger below!

Game for all ages.

I'm not guilty, she has come!

3 meters above sea level.

Relax, take it easy!

I hope these pictures help you remember the summer. It is already beginning to prepare mentally for a new beach season, because surely you wait still not such a spectacle! Forget about the complexes once and for all, the other did not survive.

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