It looks like the perfect guy eyes of men and women. The experimental results are shocking!

Scientists have finally managed to pull the cat out of the bag! According to the research of one of the famous British menswear labels, 72% of women tied a serious and lasting relationships with men with unattractive appearance of so-called "a guy who lives next door».

While men have assumed that the ideal one in three women will be the man with an enviable head of hair like Justin Bieber, pretty face Gerard Butler, manly hands of Hugh Jackman, cubes on your stomach, like David Gandy and ideal feet of Cristiano Ronaldo, the ladies were given it is very unexpected answer!

British by men think that the ideal of every girl looks like this ...

These men just once again proved that they have no idea about what is it that a woman needs.

But how actually looks ideal average British women ... That's what we talked about above - the guy who lives next door.

The difference between the views of men that a woman needs, and that really wants a woman, sheds light on man's self-doubt. The fact that about 60% of men think that to please him she would rather go on a date with the guy with the body of a gladiator, than with zamuhryshki him. Modern knights in advance, so to speak, programmed to kill. Such uncertainty, we have to admit, really threatens to spoil their relations with the opposite sex.

As you can see, men also have an inferiority complex. For them as well as for women, it means a lot confidence. Share these interesting studies with their friends.


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