18 fantastically beautiful places in the world where I want to go immediately. Paradise exists!

Sometimes you want to drop everything and go far away where there is no Internet and no catches, no mobile operator, and the time seems to have stopped forever. After all, there is in the world is so beautiful and secluded place that the eye can not believe how such a miracle can exist in reality. No sooner had you how to enjoy the beautiful corners of the planet, more like a story than a reality, how to prepare for your next virtual tour of the spectacular distant boroughs globe. See breathlessly need - they are so gorgeous and beautiful. Would you prefer that: visit hyped resorts with crowds of tourists or see breathtaking natural sites, which get only a few?

1. Spring in Japan

2. Tunnel of love, Rivne region, Ukraine

3. National Park Hitachi, Japan

4. Red Beach Panjin, China

5. Crystal Caves, Mexico

6. Bamboo Forest, Japan

7. Ice cave Mendenhall, Alaska

8. Mountain Tianjie, China

9. Cave Hang Son Dong, Vietnam

10. Park Takinoue with flowers schibazakura, Japan

11. Antelope Canyon, USA

12. Lavender fields, Britain and France

13. Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Germany

14. Mount Roraima at the intersection of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana

15. The volcano Mount Erebus, Antarctica

16. Reed flute cave, China

17. Chocolate Hills, Philippines

18. Valley of Flowers, India

I can not believe that these fantastically beautiful places actually exist. Looking at these pictures, once again convinced that our planet - a unique creation of the universe. God grant that this beauty could see our grandchildren, because, unfortunately, the actions of the person in relation to the murderous nature.

If you admired the stunning location, tell them your friends. Perhaps they do not realize that our planet is so beautiful.

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