This dog died a year waiting for the owner ... happened next made me believe in humanity!

English poet Alexander Pope wrote: «In the history of more examples of devotion to dogs, not people». I> Sometimes it seems that loyalty - is the innate quality of the dog ... M. Maeterlinck incredibly just noticed this trait of our caudate favorites: «Her eyes still closed, and it has already trust us, it is not yet born, and we are already committed». i>

The story of Woody, abandoned by all PSE - a vivid example. Once the owner Woody died, the relatives of the owner left the dog in an abandoned barn near the former home just to fend for themselves. Faithful dog stayed there all alone waiting for the return of the beloved master and lived under a shed. The fate of the famous Woody learned defender of animal Eldad Hagar and immediately went to the aid of the dog.

These videos should be prescribed as a cure for human cruelty ... bitter medicine, but very effective! Stocking up on handkerchiefs ...

watched and wept ... The perfect end to a sad story! Hopefully, the number of good people in the world will always exceed the amount of bad. On admission to the university is necessary, in addition to specialized tests administered tests for humanity. Remember: we are responsible for those we tame. Share this touching story with all the caring people.


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