She was killed by sending a message while driving. Her last words struck the whole Internet ...

Nothing in this world lasts forever, unfortunately, even we are. Nobody knows in advance that he was destined by fate for a long time whether it needed to go for the white light. It often happens that death takes to itself into the arms of the very young, full of energy and enthusiasm of people who seemingly still live and live ... It happened with 32-year-old American Courtney Sanford, whose heart stopped beating because of the accident, Take up in their ears all the time on the Internet.

The Ministry of Health is constantly warns that driving behind the wheel while intoxicated is fraught with consequences. name it - all sorts of gadgets that distract drivers from the main task - to watch the road. How many more have to die because of a stupid negligence, that it finally stopped? B>

Courtney Sanford story is tragic, but very instructive. It can serve as a good example for all those who love sitting behind the wheel, distracted, to update their status on social networks, topstitch message or publish straight from the tin self. B>

In the morning, nothing no signs of trouble: Courtney went as usual at the wheel, and then decided to touch up make-up under the legendary song Pharrell Williams «Happy». This composition was inspired by the so-Woman, she updated her status in the social network Facebook with the words: "This cheerful song makes me happy!", Adding more and barely made self. B>

It happened at 8:33, and a minute later, at 8:34, the inevitable happened: the girl lost control, crossed the center lane and crashed into a garbage truck. The blow would be so strong that the car Courtney instantly thrown into a ditch. B>

Garbage truck driver escaped with a fright and a couple of scratches, but socially active Woman caught instant death. Thus the resilient post on the Web has become a farewell song Courtney. That's the irony ...

Of course, people do not say nothing, that the fate did not go away: no one knows what lies around the bend. However, caution is still not hurt. The next time you want to write someone a message or share the latest gossip on the phone, driving, remember the sad story of Courtney Sanford. I think there is no communication or publication on social networks are not worth your life! Please take care of yourself!

Be sure to share this tragic, but instructive story with your friends. Who knows, maybe even this example will cause them to think carefully ...


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