"We can not forget!" Shrill words of Andrei Makarevich of World War II.

It is regrettable, but many date May 9 causes disagreements and disputes. Whatever it was, the history can not be rewritten, and the ancestors who gave their life for you and me to live in peace, is not a sin to remember and honor.

Recently, Ukrainian channel STB Victory Day has released a series of videos with the eloquent title "To be remembered." In one such video message to all generations starred famous Russian musician Andrei Makarevich. Against the background of video footage of Nazi Germany Makarevich says about the war, Hitler and our duty to remember you grandfathers and great grandfathers. «At one point, Hitler decided that he does not get away with it?», i> - asks the actor.

In spite of everything, we have survived and won a long-awaited victory, because good always triumphs over evil. Let's forget about the contradictions and kindly Remember the good word of our great ancestors. Happy Victory Day!

It is important to learn from history ... Perhaps, after these words have nothing more to add. The team wishes each of its readers more light, happiness and peaceful sky. Share these thoughts about the war, victory and peace with their comrades.



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