15 kinolyapy obvious that you probably did not notice. And where only looked directors ?!

When you watch the movie for the first time, is not much to look closely to the details: first, it is important to the development of the plot. However, it should be noted in fairness that the directors, actors, cameramen - the same people, and nothing human is alien to them. They can make a mistake, do not notice it, and release the film released in this way. And then observant viewers here, there are another batch kinolyapy by publishing them on the Web and how to once again hinting guru cinematography that need to be more attentive to their works. Today published for you a selection of errors and inaccuracies of the known films, which seem almost impossible to notice the first time. However, they did not let those who have eyes like an eagle!

«Men in Black»
It turns out, Agent Kay is not so fearless. Look closely at this picture, you can see safety belts, which chained the actor.

«Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets»
The operator also wants to get into the frame. What kind of injustice!

«Sleepy Hollow»
Or Christopher Walken has something in common with sharks, or someone ill disguised his real teeth.

«Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix»
The magic in the walls of Hogwarts, when the main character wakes up, he abruptly turns into a shirt jacket buttoned.

Kristen Stewart is not so sinewy, it's just someone saw wire from the microphone under jeans Bella.

«Lord of the Rings»
Although happy hours are not watching, but Gandalf just can not be late for the battle.

Hair Sandra Bullock in weightlessness would have to fly freely. Apparently, he is taking with him into space a good hairspray ...

«Star Trek»
Nobody saw what had happened to the icon Captain Rob?

«Pirates of the Caribbean»
Explain that a pirate ship makes a man in a white shirt and cowboy hat?

«Lord of the Rings»
Why Legolas' eyes change color from light blue to almost black?

Mary Jane slipped on the juice, which mysteriously disappears in the next frame.

«Pulp Fiction»
This wall magic: a hole in it have appeared before the shots rang out.

«Pretty Woman»
Julia Roberts, apparently, that even a witch: she is eating a croissant. But in the next shot, he turns into a bun either, whether in oladushek.

«The Avengers»
The fact that the hero of Robert Downey Jr. It possesses superhuman, clear and hedgehog. Apparently, heal the wounds of a second - one of them.

In one of the most important scenes in the picture clearly shows the film crew.

Despite the fact that these films have small failures and punctures, we love to review this movie again and again. Details, of course, important, but the overall impression of the films and the emotions that overwhelm us after the show, where significant. If the sight of your watchful eye got some kinolyapy, then you can share with us in the comments. And this collection show friends who love movies.

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