20 bright brilliant quotes Sergei Kapitsa. Man with a capital letter!

Those who grew up in the former Soviet Union, probably represent Sergei Kapitsa is not necessary. That's more than 40 years, he was the undisputed master of the popular TV program "Obvious - unbelievable." In addition, he is the son of the legendary scientist physics, unrivaled experience, Nobel laureate Peter Kapitza. Sergei Kapitsa is considered one of the founders of cliodynamics (science, which is based on mathematical modeling of historical processes). In academic circles, he was also known as the chief editor of the magazine "In the world of science," as well as vice president of Natural Sciences.

Sergei Petrovich had many titles, awards and titles, but today the team wants to focus your attention not on it. The brilliant leader and scientist used to speak only the truth, so never hesitate to issue a biting word about the actual state of science and society in general. This bright quotations human pragmatics traced scientific view of things familiar to us.

Bravo to the great scientist, because faith and truth enlightens us more than a decade on television. These people are now in the afternoon with fire you will not find! He has left us such a huge scientific heritage that many generations will have to study and analyze. Some young scientists recognized that it was thanks to Sergei Kapitsa once carried away by science, and remained in this field. Therefore, it is our duty - to share his aphorisms with relatives.

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