Two for one: a deadly battle in the animal world, which does not see every day!

If the animal world was television and broadcast news, it would look something like this. Imagine a leading-zebra who live begins his story, and all of a sudden it aborts its correspondent-monkey with a report from the jungle with the words: «Direct inclusion. Predator Cheetah attacked the crowd of onlookers, tourists, stragglers from his group. The victims were two representatives of Homo sapiens. The Supreme Court, headed by tropical Lev Tsarevich lived animal and gave five years probation with a subscription of absenteeism from their jungle ». I>

Jokes jokes of course, but today will tell you about the fatal battle between the animals, which recently captured one of the photographers. That's really where the law of the jungle where the strongest survive. Nature has its surprises!

These shots were taken in one of the safari parks in South Africa. Wildebeest came to power with his calf to drink water. At this point, the crocodile jumped out of the water and grabbed a stranglehold in the poor animal. Toothed began his might to pull the cloven-hoofed into the water. B>

Gnu resisted with dignity but about how much the crocodiles dig his teeth into the victim, even toddlers know ... a chance to survive virtually no choice.

Antelope tried to stay on his feet, but a cold-blooded predator acted very decisively.

From nowhere on the horizon, there was a third party to the battle.

They became the behemoth, which began to attack the poor antelope on the other side.

«33 unhappiness" - that's how you can say about the troubles faced by the poor antelope that day. Instead of a predator she had to defend themselves against two massive fauna ...

Hippo and then plunged into the water, surfacing and trying to disengage the powerful grip of a crocodile.

In the end, hippopotamus antelope managed to snatch from the jaws of a crocodile. The fate of the poor fellows wildebeest was sealed ...

"Do not go, children in Africa walk," - wrote in one of his great masterpieces Roots Chukovsky. As you can see, in the animal world its disassembly, reports and battles. Just look how smart herbivore hippo literally pulled the wildebeest from the teeth of a predator! The nature has its own laws, and very often the fate in store for us unexpected surprises. And now is the time to share this news from the world of animals with friends.


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