These elderly erase all age boundaries and break down stereotypes by using canister ...

Street art and graffiti in particular, has always been a stumbling block between the younger and older generations. In this regard between old men and young people always had a misunderstanding - the generation gap made itself felt. But I want you to please: an informal artistic organization, which is located in Lisbon, Portugal, was able to overcome this huge gap. LATA 65 erases age limits and destroys the social stereotypes. The organization opened workshops for seniors. Activists provide geezers with: cans of paint, protective masks and gloves, as well as street paintings, which usually are unsightly city walls.

It is interesting to note that it all began with a course on the history of street art for the students, but later the project suddenly gained momentum. The main objective of the organizers of this creative initiative - to unite the younger and the older generation through art, to familiarize elderly people with new trends in street art and just distract from the old life of fuss. I think they got it almost 100%!

65 LATA project organizers tried to involve the elderly in contemporary street art.

They provided everything for the elderly this necessary.

Now things were for small - to find the old city walls, where it was possible to realize a creative idea.

The main objective of this program - to build a reliable bridge the gap between the older and younger generations.

And most importantly - the elderly were able to unwind a little bit and got on a straightforward fun great fun!

Works grannies and grandpa, of course, do not have high artistic value, but they all carry a good purpose - to help people of different age groups to find common ground. The art in this respect - the best tool! Tell us about this interesting project to their friends and older relatives.


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