Creativity through the roof! 25 crazy things that can be found only in Japan.

Today, Japan is known worldwide as a country number 1 for the implementation of life in the most advanced technologies. This little hard worker lives in a frantic pace, and sometimes its residents in every way trying to escape from reality. What is happening in these lovely narrow-eyed fellows in the head - a mystery for foreigners. Residents of Japan, even from the smallest flies can inflate a herd of elephants and make a sensation. They do not feed bread - Give to invent something that would lead the world into a stupor and shock.

This 25 crazy things that can be found only in Japan. My mind is already in full swing! What it is: ingenuity and insanity?

1. Clicking bubbles to relax. In this toy is no expiration date - the bubbles in it endlessly updated. B>

2. Sleeping in the office. Employees who work all day long, allowed a little nap on the job. Some abuse it, and often in the form of a boss pretending to be asleep. B>

3. Microwave Pug, which is just put a couple of minutes in the microwave - and he'll even be able to replace the covers. B>

4. Artificial teeth

5. Apparatus for research ears

6. High-quality Japanese whiskey

7. Strange parking lot to save space

8. Children mop. Now your kid will not only play pranks, but also parallel to clean the house! B>

9. Vending machines with food for all occasions. Here you can buy virtually everything from eggs and pancakes to batteries and underwear. B>

10. Forest suicides at the base of Mount Fuji. Every year in this peaceful and terrible place there are about hundreds of suicides. B>

11. Super tight umbrella

12. Beer Braille for the blind

13. Japanese elektrounitazy with the function of spraying water for disinfection. B>

14. Capsule hotels, which are small cells for sleeping, stacked. B>

15. Mayonnaise, which can be added to ice cream, even

16. Slippers for going to the toilet

17. KitKat bars with a variety of flavors. Do you want to try KitKat flavored soy sauce or wasabi? B>

18. Sea bike

19. Elevator operator, working in department stores and hotels

20. Ice cream with unusual flavors (such as coal, cactus, horse meat, octopus). B>

21. Miyake-jima - island masks. The fact that there is an active volcano Oyama, who is constantly spewing toxic gases. B>

22. Tailpieces Chinrests subway

23. The shortest escalator in the world of the five steps in one of the department stores of the city of Kawasaki. B>

24. Pillows for single women

25. Pads for single men

Creativity from the Japanese, of course, through the roof. Sometimes the creative and technological progress in Japan goes so far as to post-Soviet citizen latitudes is not easy to understand. Do you want to surprise your surroundings? Then do not forget to share this Japanese curiosities with your friends!

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