At first glance it may seem that it is a nursing home or daycare. But it's much better!

Nursing homes - this is not the most pleasant place, where you want to spend time with. The news often hear of the brutal, disrespectful attitude to patients in institutions of this kind. It is said that in the air there is always hovering sense of fear, and the whole atmosphere is pretty terrible. More and more people reaching retirement age, think about where they spend the rest of his life. Few agree to live in an institution, it is not surprising.

What if I told you that there is a facility where senior citizens get together with the young themselves, and bring joy to each other? It is a magical place allows the elderly to leave their empty house and offers to help educate young minds. This story will change the habitual attitude toward home, where they live old lonely people.

Incredibly, such a place does exist! The usual installation changes radically when you look at the nursing home with the atmosphere and watch the gentle, good attitude to children elderly people.

This unusual restaurant is located in Seattle and is named after the saint Vincent. In it live 400 lonely elderly people. At the same time it is a house for little children. Their classes are held together: grandparents paint, dance and play with the children.

Contrary to the expectations of skeptics in this institution an atmosphere of joy, friendship and kindness. Positive emotions consume you completely when you see how happy these people live out their lives. Endless and caring little more about each other - that's what makes it such a unique place. There will realize even the one who can not yet speak, and find employment even to those who can no longer walk.

Statistics show that 43% of older people experience social isolation. It threatens depression, decreased mental and physical activity. And in the next 25 years this figure will double face. That is why society needs such places where no one feels alone, all are busy and everyone will receive a gift and a lot of warm words on his birthday.

It is a touching story of friendship with the elderly inspires kids to do good works. It makes you think about things that are usually not enough time in the daily bustle. Share it with your friends!

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