This wounded dog left to die ... But the emergence of 12-year-old boy has completely changed her life!

The fact that this dog had to go through, causes the skin covered with goose bumps. Ugi not know love and human warmth. He was a combat dog that every day, fighting for life and death.

The fact that he managed to survive, more like a miracle. Even more incredible it seems that now this dog's favorite pet of the same family, where finally feels happy. Surprisingly, the constant fighting and the lack of human warmth harden not your dog and turned it into a mindless killing machine. Also Ugi has not lost faith in the people and was able to love and be loved in the family, where it is truly appreciated.

It has no left ear and the right side of the muzzle looks like one big scar. At the head of this animal a hole the size of a tennis ball. The thing is that Ugi - fighting dog. Another puppy tucked it into the cell to adult dogs, so they could practice on it. B>

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Once the animal has been severely injured, his superfluous locked in a cage without food or water. So Ugi fought for the life of 5 days in a row, until he found the police officers. His life changed after the animal fell into the veterinary hospital. B>

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Because it was on this day in the same hospital came Larry Levin, and his 12-year-old twin sons, to lull and eliminate the torment of his 17-year-old cat. Ugi just walking their on a leash when he broke and ran to one of the children. B>

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The dog jumped up and licked the child's face. The family learned about the plight of dogs and could not stay away. Dog decided to take him. B>

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Since then, life has come Ugi joyful period. One Ear dog became a full member of the family, and grew up with the twins. Every night he slept in bed bins. B>

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Larry decided to write a book about his incredible PSE. With her help, he wants to attract attention to the brutality and horror of dog fighting. B>

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This ending story can not but rejoice. Ugi became a kind of symbol for us that any difficulties can be overcome with dignity, and that you should always hope for the best and hope for a happy outcome. Share the life-affirming story with your friends!


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