20 stunning portraits of the most famous actresses of the Soviet ... The beauty and peace in one bottle!

No one will deny that the Soviet era was famous for its cinematography. In the role of whales, on which stood a national cinema, were not only talented male actors, but no less gifted actress. Forgot would, for example, these fragile and elegant kinokorifeev as Leah Akhedzhakova Irina Muravyov, Natalia Andreichenko ... Photographer with talent from God Vladimir Bondarev in an incredibly spiritual series of shots with the flash was able to convey the beauty and charm of the famous actresses of the USSR. This is more than pictures. They do not have a single gram of falsehood and lies. Film star enchants with its naturalness. Because then were still not as popular plastic surgery and there was all kinds of photo editors.

These photographs were published the son of Vladimir, Alexander Bondarev, to Facebook. These pictures depicted the most famous actress of the Soviet era in all its glory in the prime of life and at the peak of his career, are what they are!

Ekaterina Vasileva

Evgenia Simonova

Larisa Luzhin

Helen Proklova

Irina Muravyov

Vera Glagoleva

Jeanne Bolotov

Leah Akhedzhakova

Tatiana Aksyuta ​​b>

Helen Nightingale

Larissa Golubkina

Marina Neelova

Natalya Andreichenko

Elina Bystritskaya

Helen Tsyplakova

Helen Korenev

Olga Ostroumova

Tatiana Drubich

Natalya Bondarchuk

Margarita Terekhova

Oh, what a woman! Yes, what talent! Many young actors have to be on these. Show these incredibly warm and atmospheric photographs admirers of the national cinema.



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