10 Aktris- "durnushek", which has become a real style icon

Meryl Streep

In 26 years, she auditioned for the role of the main character in "King Kong", but received a rude refusal. The producer then muttered in Italian, in the belief that it does not understand: "Why do I so ugly?", But I heard an answer in the same language: "I regret that I was not good enough for King Kong." (The role eventually got Jessica Lange).

Today Meryl recognized as one of the greatest actresses of all time. She has three "Oscar" and a record in the history of cinema number of nominations - 19.

A sample of beauty, elegance and style: Streep in the role of a despotic chief editor of a fashion magazine in the film "The Devil Wears Prada»


Reese Witherspoon

Although still in the 12 years she learned to hold the camera, filming commercials, and played in 14 movies, Hollywood met her unfriendly. "When I first came to Los Angeles, then just I heard:" No, no good, the growth did not come out, not so pretty, not enough capable ... "You have to be tenacious, persistent and stubborn - the only way to achieve success after so many failures . »

The current Reese bathed in glory. She received numerous awards, including the "Oscar", her pay big fees (in 2007, Witherspoon walked on this indicator all the actresses in the world!), Equal to thousands of fashionistas and no one thinks to argue on it when it is called "beautiful blonde".

Barbra Streisand

Even the most devoted fan would call her classical beauty, and the very Barbra ever make no mistake about their appearance. At school, her mercilessly teased for the "huge nose", and later film directors and producers denied it at auditions with the words "a talented, but too terrible».

Others in her place would have rushed to the plastic surgeons, but Streisand learned to use its "unformatted" appearance and was not only a unique and favorite actress million, but this style icon. A natural sexuality and sense of humor have always been drawn to her men, including the recognized beauties.

One eminent photographer spoke about it this way: "Her face - it is a painting from different eras»

Winona Ryder

. At school, it was taken as a boy, and one of the early auditions are not even allowed to finish the replica and made a ruthless verdict, "Hey, baby, do not go to the actress. You're not pretty. Go back from whence come and go learn. Nothing in you there. »

How severe critics wrong! Winona has become one of the iconic actresses of the 90s, it was in love with Johnny Depp, and today, its 44, it remains a matter of enthusiastic sighs. "Beauty is Timeless" - wrote about her reporters


Bette Davis

As a teenager, she decided to go to the actress, it has not been maintained, considering the typical ugly duckling. In New York, Betty did not take in acting school, advised to choose another profession. A few years later, having already had theatrical experience, she failed a screen test in Hollywood. Critics and studio owners have found it "not spectacular" and "unattractive", and indeed it was so horrified by his own kind of screen that ran screaming from the projection.

Today it is remembered as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history, the bright star of his Golden Age and an incredibly strong personality. Davis became the first in history, who 10 times nominated for "Oscar" for acting (award went to it twice) and has created a revolution in the film, which took her to the women quite differently.

Jennifer Lawrence

A couple of years ago, 23-year-old Lawrence admitted that he almost flew out of Hollywood, where it became known as

«fat». "I said I'm fat, and that if I did not lose weight, I would be fired. I brought my picture, where I practically naked, and said that it should motivate me. They decided that since I had to make a career in Hollywood, I will not hurt. »

While fans and the tabloids continue to criticize the star of "The Hunger Games" is not for the "hungry" look, she is confident in himself than ever: "If someone tries to at least give a hint about the diet, I answer: you go to ***." Well, she had behind the "Oscar", and it is a strong argument.

< Kate Winslet

She was 11 years old she studied acting, but did not expect that it will refuse to her in the roles, because she was "too fat" or her "feet are not that size." As a teenager, Kate participated in more than 20 productions of his theater school, but mostly it pushes "in crowd", so that she felt physically inferior.

But as soon as Winslet got into the movie, the critics noticed her natural talent. It is called the "special", "unique", "brilliant" and even "the greatest", comparing with Meryl Streep. According to the number of nominations for "Oscar", earned for 33 years, she broke the record, Betty Davis and became the youngest actress in history with 6 nominations (including one win).

In its 40 years, Kate is for many the ideal of beauty and femininity, and Jaguar's designer even admitted that he was inspired by the curves of her body when creating a model Jaguar XK.

Jessica Chastain

It became known only 34 years old, and before that often could not even break into the auditions - she denied immediately without listening, saying that she

«ugly and old and dusty appearance." "Only the last five years, I have heard from all the compliments, but before that I was assured in the reverse. A couple of times I thought: maybe the blonde in disguise? When you have red hair and not very "Hollywood" look, it confuses people, they just do not know where you attach. »

Since 2011, Jessica managed to star in 20 films, she was twice nominated for the "Oscar" and three times - in the "Golden Globe", the one won a victory (for the main female role in the "number one goal" movie). Critics have called it one of the best actresses of her generation, the press and bloggers - one of the most beautiful and sexy women, and Time magazine included her in its list of the most influential people in the world


Keira Knightley

Born into a family of actors, she was 6 years old had his own agent, she starred in commercials and got small roles on TV, but it did not protect it from the rough later criticism and even persecution. As a teenager, she suffered many humiliating auditions: she said she was "too skinny and flat" and that her "ugly mouth»

. "You walk into a room, they give you to understand that you're shit, you go out of the room - this is a brutal process»

. Despite the apparent fragility, Cyrus not only withstood all the blows, but also gave the date of offenders, because now it is considered one of the most beautiful women, her co-star - the first Hollywood beauties, her talent honored with two nominations for "Oscar", and its Elizabeth in "Pirates of the Caribbean" has become a truly iconic character.

Sophia Loren

Now it's hard to believe, but when the young Italian actress first came to Hollywood, the operator on the samples looked at her and said, "Listen, I can certainly a lot, but I'm not a magician»


Needless to say it merits in cinema and exceptional beauty that with age she has not changed?

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