These phrases they know, even those who have not lived in the Soviet Union! 18 cruise quotes from our old movies.

Many people in everyday life using a variety of sayings of famous people, as well as quotes from favorite books or movies. Some do not like it, because they believe that in this way a person covers his stupidity and lack of personal opinion. Personally, I think that this style of communication at least means that a person keeps in memory a great number of citations at the right time enjoys appropriate. Today Editorial has decided to make a small selection of quotations from Soviet films that are very strongly rooted in everyday life. They are used even by those who do not like Soviet films, just do these phrases have become part of our speech. Of course, we could not be inserted into a single material every sort of expression, so only guided by personal taste. But we decided to give another opportunity to hear these phrases as they sound in the original ...

«The Diamond Arm»
Quotes from the film regularly used, well, who did not say:

Or something like that ...

And this is all the classics!

«Caucasian Captive, or The New Adventures Shurik »
If someone does not know, in fact, this phrase means "Memento Mori»

For all occasions ...

The truth can not argue with that ... < br />
«Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" < /
And this quote I regularly heard from his uncle every family picnic ...

The main body blow ...

But this is nothing not add .. .

«Beware of the car" < /
Evstigneev, as always, brilliant!

Unsurpassed Papanov and excellent communication ending!

There were those at the time ...

«Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" < /
The phrase, which many associate Natalia Krachkovskii ...

The dog with the police arrived, which means there is someone to complain ...

Overseas eggs, which everyone remembers!

«Operation" Y "and others adventures Shurik »
Eternal phrase!

I remembered before each exam in my life! And you?

Nostalgia ...

This phrase will long be used by people, because the Soviet like a movie for several generations, and will appreciate the following. If you liked our selection, you will certainly share it with your friends, let them also remember the classics!

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