10 of the most fortunate people in the world. They are hard to catch the tail bird luck!

Regardless of whether you believe in luck or not, from time to time occur in the life of the incredible events that can not be explained only as "the intervention of Fortune." Moreover, there are people who are lucky in a large scale. Someone may twice per day to win the lottery, someone is saved only in a terrible accident, and someone smiles luck in other areas. Edition Ofigenno.cc will introduce you with the ten largest luckiest planet. These people sure know how to lure bluebird luck and hard to catch it by the tail!

Helena Paulsson
Collecting harvest in the garden of his, Elena Paulsson found the missing 16 years ago, a wedding ring. Through it germinated carrot ring and pulled to the surface along with the roots. The wedding ring was lost back in 1995 while preparing dinner in the kitchen. Elena says that the ring quietly got into the trash along with food waste. Fortunately, the family Paulsson does not throw organic waste and recycles them into compost to fertilize your garden.

Steve Fleig
This guy grew up without a mother, and for years tried unsuccessfully to find her. As it turned out, during the inquiry it correctly pointed out her name. Find Mom helped the case. Steve Fleig found work at one of the stores and a large supermarket chain said its chief problem. Tom sought by the name of his mother seemed familiar. As it turned out, the mother of Steve, Chris Telladi, worked in the same supermarket chain as a son, just in a different store.

Virginia Fike
American Virginia Fike was lucky enough to win the lottery twice in one day! From time to time she occasionally bought lottery tickets and fill them in their particular scheme, in which the numbers meant, how old her parents had a marriage, as well as their age at the time of the wedding. In April 2012, Virginia was lucky twice. Because of the confusion in the terminal, it paid just two lottery ticket with the same numbers. As a result, each of the lucky ticket brought Fike Virginia a million dollars.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi
This is the Japanese managed to survive after the two atomic bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was working at a shipyard in Nagasaki August 6, 1945 went on a business trip to the child plant in Hiroshima. Just the day the city was made a nuclear attack, the epicenter of which occurred 3 kilometers from the place where he was Tsutomu Yamaguchi. He suffered serious burns, but three days later he returned to his workplace in the city of Nagasaki, which was produced by the second atomic bombing. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was the only person who survived the two nuclear strike on Japan.

Franco Selak
Croatian teacher Franco Selak known for being able to cheat death a few times, and then also won the jackpot in the lottery! First, he miraculously survived a train accident when a train derailed and overturned in the lake. Then escaped in a plane crash when he fell out of a plane and landed in a haystack, while 19 passengers of this flight were killed. Further, experienced several car accidents. And to top it all, I won the lottery almost a million dollars. Perhaps Franco Selak very powerful guardian angel.

Maarten de Jong
Professional Dutch rider Maarten de Jong also be considered a real lucky. He made a reservation and a place to both notorious Malaysian airlines flight and flights from both refused at the last moment. As a result, one of the Malaysian "Boeing" disappeared last March over the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the other was shot down over the summer, the Donetsk region. Thus, Maarten de Jong was able to escape certain death twice.

Harrison Auken
Nigerian Auken Harrison spent three days under water on board the wreck and managed to survive. When the ship began to suffer a crash, Harrison, who served as the cook, she was in the bathroom and could not leave the ship in time. Fortunately, a Nigerian sailor was able to quickly find and move to the engine room, where the air bag is formed. Rescuers were able to locate the wreck just three days. As it turned out, Harrison Auken was the only survivor of the 12 crew members.

Joan Ginther
A native of Texas, Joan Ginther is a real favorite of fortune. She managed four times to win the jackpot in the lottery! She first hit the jackpot of $ 5, $ 4 million. After 10 years, she won $ 2 million, and two years later another 3 million. Finally, in 2008, Joan Ginter hit the jackpot in the amount of 10 million dollars! Joan Ginther itself prefers not to disclose his appearance, so the photo shows Louise Rose, who sold our first lucky winning ticket.

Julian Kёpke
In 1971, Julian Kёpke flew on the plane that crashed in the Amazon jungle. 17-year-old girl survived after falling liner, finished with a broken collarbone, multiple bruises and cuts. After the accident, Julian had another 10 days to wander through the jungle among the wild animals, until she was rescued, local loggers. She was the only one who survived the disaster. On the motives of surprise rescue Juliana Kёpke made a film "Miracles still happen».

Reshma Begum
A resident of Savar that in Bangladesh, managed to survive the collapse of the eight-storey building Rana Plaza. Reshma Begum worked as a seamstress at one of the factories in the Rana Plaza. After the collapse of the building, she miraculously survived, but remained buried under the rubble. Fortunately, she was able to detect the supply of food and water and survive under the rubble as much as 17 days, until it is released rescuers.

If Ms. Fortune are pets, the people about whom we have just described, just one of them. That's who complain about the lack of luck! If you are impressed by how large can take some of the lucky ones, you will certainly share these incredible stories with your friends.

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