It turns out, people talking to themselves - brilliant! Who would have thought...

Some people constantly talk to themselves. This is not only at home but also in the street, at work, in stores. Watching it from the outside, the other members of society condescending laugh, thinking that in front of them crazy. This is not always the case. Perhaps you've seen this genius of it myself without knowing it ... The fact that thinking aloud help to materialize it, what a person thinks. Many very smart people are aware of this, so say out loud, ignoring the glances of passersby. By the way, the most brilliant people of our planet have a habit of talking to yourself. Albert Einstein, for example, constantly repeating in a low voice the same sentence.

conversation with itself causes the brain to work more efficiently

The study, published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, psychologists Daniel and Gary Lyupia Svigli suggested that speaking out very useful. However, they regret that they have not started to study this subject before. They conducted an experiment in which volunteers are sought in a supermarket product that is listed in the job. The result of this game showed that by speaking aloud the name of the product, the participants found it much faster! This outcome has confirmed the theory that speaking out loud, we think faster, and therefore more quickly achieve the desired result. But as they say psychologists, it works only when a person is clearly what he needs. Even better, once he has received the desired and knows exactly how it should happen. Otherwise, the brain gets confused in obscure commands and slow down the process of their activities.

We all should learn from children

Pay attention to how children learn about the world and learn all sorts of activities. Before you do something, they often recite this action. At the same time they're incredibly focused, because every game is perceived by kids very seriously. We should learn from the way they achieve the desired results with the commands, spoken aloud.

self-talk helps a person to organize your thoughts

When the human brain activity is very active and provides a stream of thoughts on different subjects, it is very difficult to concentrate. The specified question out loud helps organize thoughts and develop them in the right direction. Thus, each person can act as their own psychologist. According to psychologist Linda Sapadin, that this method is very effective in addressing the challenges and making important decisions. Everyone knows that to solve any problem you need to say it aloud. So, it turns out, foreign students do not need to.

pronunciation of loud helps a person achieve their goals faster

It is very popular now prescribing their goals and a plan of action is often a very difficult task. Many call this a pretty tedious process. But on the pronunciation of his desires aloud is not so hard to decide, especially since this method is also very effective. Especially if every step to the goal also accompanied by a commentary aloud. Linda Sapadin believes that the way a person focuses, controls emotions and is not distracted by unnecessary thoughts. Talk to yourself about the autonomy of the person he says. Such behavior suggests a habit to rely only on themselves. For such people achieving life's peaks of any kind are much more real than all the rest. This means that mocked them just not worth it.

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