14 amusing sketches of those who are willing to sell the dream of his own mother. Familiar to the pain!

Everyone knows that a dream - it is almost the main component of human health in general. Lack of sleep can cause diseases of the nervous system, bad mood, lowering IQ and even obesity. Do not think that you can not have enough sleep to make up some two-three nights of hours on a Saturday morning or afternoon. Rumor has it that, among other things, lovers sleep even live longer. Today, the team Ofigenno.cc made a funny collection of postcards of the Soul Plane lovers sleep. "Fans of sleep? - They would say. - Offended. Pros! »

These people often hear in his address: "So oversleep their happiness." But on this occasion they were not steamed, and live by the principle: "There is a dream? Run to it. Can not run? Go to her. Can not go? Crawl to her. You can not crawl? Lie down and lie in the direction of dreams! "If you have one type of blankets and pillows causing awe, if you can sleep anywhere, anytime, if you seriously consider sleeping a hobby and is ready to sacrifice the weekend with friends, just enough sleep, then these funny sketches about you. Dedicated to all fans of Morpheus ...

How I feel about people who constantly want to sleep? I am to them! In the morning I always sleep enough ... enough sleep on the floor. No matter when you wake up. The main thing - it is, waking up, choose a right mood, how to choose clothes. Get dressed early in the morning in happiness. It is always in fashion! If you are familiar sense described above, be sure to share this fun postcard with your friends.



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