Hit these photographers will be envied even by snipers. 25 Freaky frames taken at the right time.

What are the characteristics of a good photographer is most needed? Of course, without the light head and the availability of direct hands of the best camera does not take. But apart from some technical knowledge of shooting, the photographer must be present some sixth sense that allows him to catch a shot at the right time!

Hit these photographers envied by even experienced snipers.

This kitten sure there is a taxi in your own.

Family giraffes launches airplane.

This is a wrong bartender ...

So what is it, a treasure leprechauns! (inscription on a cart: "Maintenance of toilets») i>

The Statue of Liberty a powerful electric discharge shoot down enemy planes.

I have stylish glasses, right?

Good old cartoon "In the blue sea, white foam ..." filmed on a true story.

Stork makes targeted delivery of newborns.

L'amour toujours, Moore-Moore.

What fishnet stockings!

muzhchinka eaten with guts.

specially trained fire-breathing dog ignites whether grilled, or bowl with the Olympic flame.

Kung Fu fauna.

Madama Butterfly in person.

So you're saying that the exorcism - a procedure exorcism?

How am I in this hat?

Munchausen overdone. We had to shoot a deer with only one bone. B>

Hussar horse in full dress clothes.

What is the smoke ring stuck to me?!

Gyulchataj, open face.

Who will fight Shinichi!

A-ah! Remove from me this annoying frog prince! B>

Even David Blaine obzaviduetsya a street magic.

What do you have on this side of the water?

There is a contact!

As you can see, for good photography not need to have a cool camera. You just need to successfully capture a moment! If you like these pictures, then share them with your friends.

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