23 amazing image from the past. Personnel who do not meet every day ...

History has always been interesting to me, but controversial subject. On the one hand, I learned something new, and with another - always understood that history is not just copied, depending on who was in power. But with historical photographs it is quite different. Of course, any image can be interpreted as you're comfortable, but still with such facts is difficult to argue. We offer you a little dip in the atmosphere of the past with the help of a small collection of photos. Just a few minutes, and you will visit different parts of the world in a completely different periods of history ...

A Soviet officer on duty. Behind the anti-aircraft machine gun mount "Vickers». B>

Divers 1940.

New Year's party, 1960.

10-year-old Vladimir Vysotsky with his father and stepmother, 1948.

The armor of the KV-1 against a German shell ...

Fidel Castro during imprisonment, 1950.

Boxing at the baseball stadium, New York, 1923.

A meeting of residents of Little Rock against the mixing of races, the United States, 1961.

Prayer Muslim SS division in 1943.

Manta caught captain Kahn in 1933.

Mother and baby cook, France, First World War.

German tank A7V, the First World War.

Jessica Lange, Milos Forman, Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady, USA, 1976.

A mobile carrier pigeon, Germany, in 1915.

Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Turk teasing hungry children a piece of bread, 1915. B>

The cousins ​​and the ruling personages of two states: Nicholas II and George V.

Adolf Hitler in December 1924, he had just left the Landsberg prison.

View on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

Belarusian rock group "Beat", 1980.

The crew of the submarine in 1908.

Special helmet for the soul, allowing to keep the hair and makeup, 1970.

Autograph auto repair, 1920.

The boy, whose parents have died, the son of an aviation regiment, wrote messages on shells ...

By learning more about our past, we can not make mistakes in the future. We hope that our selection has made an impression on you. If so, you will certainly share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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