13 absurd habits that only our people. Foreigners do not understand!

For us it is strange, for example, why in dating women must pay for itself, or as much as possible not to give way to a senior transport. In some countries, it is permissible, but our people do not understand such actions. It happens the other way around: doing something harmless in another country and you catch yourself on someone's puzzled look ...

Today, with the help of amusing collection of editorial entertainment portal Ofigenno.cc will introduce you with the habits that characterize only our people. Foreigners often do not understand their meaning, and we do not even think how our subconscious habits.

And you all this, too, is peculiar?

1. Vyryazhatsya to just go to the store

It is simply unacceptable to leave for small purchases in what horrible! But stylish attire and a large make-up make up an ideal image for the campaign for bread. We like to look good, and nothing can be done about it.

2. Crouch before leaving

Others do not understand why we sit on the suitcases before leaving, but it would be bizarre not to sit on the track. Let this tradition - a relic of the past, but a minute before going tranquility allows you to make a break in the hectic fees.

3. Talk long toast

"For your health!" - A toast to the lazy. We always have something to say and wish.

4. I recall the anecdote in any conversation

Who and what whatever you talked, always remember the joke topic. Sense of humor - a special feature of our people.

5. Congratulate each other after leaving the sauna or bath

According to the rules better be willing to couple light to the sauna, but we say, "Enjoy Your Bath!" Only after leaving the bath, sauna or shower.

6. Deployed to answer the question "How are you?» B>

In other countries, have to answer: "Well, thank you!", But if you ask "How are you?" Our man expected to hear a truly detailed response. If we ask, then you need to answer in detail!

7. Do not smile at strangers

We are friendly, but did not immediately open up to strangers. Abroad passersby simply smile at each other, we have the same very serious faces around.

8. Celebrate New Year's bigger than Christmas

Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts, and even different dishes, including certainly Olivier and tangerines - New Year's Eve, our people celebrate in a big way. In most other countries prefer to celebrate Christmas in the winter.

9. Review and quote the old Soviet cartoons

We are so good like the Soviet cartoons, which pleased quote the words of the hero, even while maintaining intonation and tone of voice characters. "Calm, just calm", keep reading.

10. Calling all women girls

If we call the waitress, the appeal: "Girl!" Female call and saleswoman at the store. Any woman for us is still a girl. The main thing is that everyone is happy.

11. For a long time to sit at table

Especially when it comes to the gala dinner. Our people sat at the table, dinner and talk, then talk to each other again and snack something. Then you need to talk and eat more - and so late. Foreigners are surprised at how much you can chat and eat, but why make another table so many meals for the evening. The answer is simple - it's us.

12. Do not dispose of the packages

And your package with the same package does not fit in any pack?

13. Go to the guests with gifts

We can not come to visit empty-handed, even a small chocolate is enough to pay a visit without remorse for someone. The generosity of our souls knows no bounds!

And as far as you are our people? Read it and have your friends, share the article.

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