This boy with a puppy more than friends, because between them there is a close connection ...

We often say that the dog - this is man's best friend. However, some four-legged friends can rightly be regarded as our brothers. Looking at the little boy Dylan Evans and his faithful companion - a French bulldog named Farley, it seems that you look at the inseparable twins. But they really were born on the same day!

Mom kid Yvette Evans, says they have long wanted to buy a dog. And when they saw this puppy and learned that he was born in one day with a little Dylan, we decided that it was a sign from above.

Indeed, a boy and a puppy is extremely attached to each other. «It seems that they are both the same breed. They both moved on four legs and pull in the mouth all that comes their arm » i>, - says Yvette Evans.

By the way, Yvette - a talented photographer. Our readers will remember her stunning photography breastfeeding mothers. And now it pleases us wonderful photos of their inseparable children: a boy and a puppy.

little friends just do everything together. They sleep together. B>

The two frolic in the air.

However, doing nothing doing.

And even bathe in a tub.

But the most inseparable couple likes to just sleep.

A dream they cling to each other.

One can see that both of them dream of something good.

That's what "friends - do not pour water».

From the pair of eyes do not tear!

Looking at these pictures, involuntarily begin to believe in horoscopes. After all, a boy and a puppy is born in one day and so much alike in character! If you liked these cute pictures, you will certainly share them with his friends.

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