What did the Spanish authorities for the elderly - simply brilliant ... an example to follow!

Playgrounds most of us associate with childhood and unrestrained joy. Physical activity is generally positive effect on kids. After playing plenty of them, for example, better sleep. But enterprising Spaniards believe that the playgrounds are also useful for the elderly. At least it's better than to sit back and discuss the current generation, and now and then complain about life. That is why the Spanish authorities decided to build a special site for the elderly.

Paz Tidal, a local physical therapist says: «This is a significant step towards the socialization of the older elderly. We want to break the myth that only the elderly and do nothing but sit in the park and watch the kids playing in the sandbox. In addition, the elderly can take on such platforms of their grandchildren. These places combine family ». I>

It seems that these sites are 100% perform their main function!

«I am not the person who will be sitting at home. I can not imagine life without communication and walks! If you're sitting at home, you are doing so, and that you find a reason to berate her grandchildren », i> - shares his impressions of the 84-year-old Francesca, a sense of humor that can only envy.

The Americans have also decided to adopt the experience of Spaniards.

Just look how much fun it brings the old man! Just like children ...

It's great when the government takes the initiative and care for pensioners to which very few people have a case. Tell us about this interesting project the Spanish authorities to their friends. Perhaps someone will follow the example of the Spaniards.



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