Explore the sweet secret of the creator of "Nutella" and "Kinder Surprise". Man with a capital letter!

He did not like to talk to journalists and others appear only in dark glasses. Avoiding publicity, the richest Italian is constantly working - he invented new sweet creations. In spite of the state in the 26, 5 billion dollars, Michele Ferrero led a humble and quiet way of life, so many are not even aware of the existence of this great man. Michele graduated from a Catholic school, but he was able to reach the heights thanks to the hard work and unparalleled customer care. It is now called the "father" of pasta Nutella, Kinder chocolate eggs and sweets Raffaello, but he started out small.

its "chocolate" Ferrero began his career at the height of World War II. That's when his family opened a candy store in the small town of Alba. Since then a hard time cocoa beans were deficient, the family of confectioners decided to take advantage of the abundance of hazelnuts. So there was a walnut-chocolate paste "gianduja" prototype of Nutella, ten tons of which are sold only in the first year. Sweet success only began to gain momentum ...

The reason for all the achievements of Michele Ferrero is possible to consider its attention to the release of new products. The main criterion for the confectioner was, to gauge whether the future novelty Valeria. She was not his mother, wife or grandmother ... So he called the imaginary image of a typical Italian hostess that shopping, choose the best.

That is, for example, there was a Kinder Surprise - a chocolate egg with a toy inside the collector. Then we gave a similar treat for Easter, and the idea of ​​razvezti 20 cars of chocolate eggs to outlets did not at first taken seriously: before the holiday is still far! But Michele convinced everyone that Easter should be every day. It Said - done, and now this delicacy mother delight their children permanently.

And in order to gain a foothold in the market of America, Ferrero issued a tic tac. He knew that American women really care about their figure, so peppermint drops, which freshens breath and contains only two calories - a great option for them.

Throughout his life Michele Ferrero managed to develop bolee 20 new branded products that are popular and in demand in many countries. Great pastry once shared his secret: « The main thing - to think not like everything not to disappoint Valery! I>»

If a person puts on the first place concern for others, his work is invaluable. About Michelli Ferrero everyone should know, because thanks to him, came to light a lot of goodies that we relish every day. Tell your friends about this great man! Let them learn the secret of chocolate magnate.

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