25 pictures from the series "and so goes": and as soon as they are to think of this!

How many times in my entire life I have heard from others: "What is this! Yes, you probably do not hand out of the place up! "Well, though not always work the way you want, but I tried and did everything possible. However, getting hurt when they said only reproaches and criticism that it is not and will not come down. Now, looking at these "masterpieces" of people with manic imagination, convinced that I'm just a handyman!

I was even difficult to imagine how this could create. And you would have guessed?

1. Asked asphalt - here you are! B>

2. No, everything is fine ...

3. Here I feel like saying: "Scoff!ยป B>

4. To sleep and not fall. B>

5. Crafts are always in fashion. B>


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