Simple ways to increase women's power.

1. Massage. A woman's body needs a touch. Otherwise, the energy stagnates.

2. Talk with other women - mutual exchange of energy is very enhances women. Men need silence to realize themselves. Women better understand their experiences in communicating with friends.

3. Walking. Despite the fact that we - homemakers, connection with nature is very important!

4. Take singing lessons - singing clears throat chakra. And we do not want to swear, to reproach men.

5. Visit a psychologist, but always - a woman. Wise, experienced woman can help you look at the situation differently. And to understand it. Wisdom is transmitted from older women. For this reason it is useful to deal with their own grandmother, great-grandmother.

6. Feed the needy - charity - is a quality-enhancing lunar energy. It is not necessary to help everyone. Surely there is someone you can easily please the pleasant things. Buy a lonely neighbor fruits.

7. Exercise - if you feel fatigue, begin to learn a new sport. This can be not only a new type of fitness, but also just a morning jog. Very useful dances! A great way to recover if you deflated after breaking up with a partner.

8. Disassemble the rubble - the old stuff, junk and trash weaken the energy of women. If life came period- difficult time to analyze debris.


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