8 RULES brutality of Genghis Khan

Tough, but useful life rules and tips from the merciless, but the greatest rulers of ancient years

Temujin, Genghis Khan is recognized as the greatest man of the Millennium scientists. He was a reformer and a very wise ruler. Genghis Khan lived a very long time, but his influence on modern life preserved to this day. Genghis Khan was a worthy descendant of his time. He was cruel, ruthless and cunning. Khan walked with fire and sword on the ground all the neighbors. But we can not deprive him of the presence of indomitable will, organizational skills, self-control and determination.

Beat the first and never do not stop halfway! - Such is the law of the nomads. But there are many useful tips times of Genghis Khan. What can we learn from the ruthless, but the greatest rulers of ancient years? Recall the quotes and sayings of Genghis Khan:

1. afraid - do not do, do - do not worry, do not do - die!
The great commander Genghis Khan was always going to end. If you have a plan and a dream, it is necessary to implement them. You can not always be afraid and reinsured. We spend too much time to think and doubt. When it's time to act - likened to a fearless nomads. Bravely moving forward with the fury raging in the veins. Never, nothing and no one be afraid.

2. It is better to be the last among wolves than the first among the jackals
In life we ​​have to choose with whom to hobnob, make friends, work and relax. In this case, it is important to make the right choice. It is not necessary to be among the jackals, when your place among wolves. Always strive for better, stronger, and real people. Do not be afraid that they will not be accepted. Will, if you really want it. With strong people thou shalt rise up, and pull the jackals at the bottom.

3. Among the civilian population be myrrh as a small calf, and during the war to throw a fight, like a hungry hawk throws at Dichin
Strong people are not wasted on trifles. They are not engaged in nonsense, do not look for trouble and conflict in daily life. When you have goals and plans, you should not be wasted on trifles. Ignore the complaints, criticism, ridicule, gossip, and other hard-hitting attacks weak people. Paying attention to every little thing, you never until you reach the goal. But when it comes to "fight" throws like a hawk to fight.

4. I - Lord's punishment. If you do not commit mortal sins, the Lord will not send you punishment in the face of me!
Be 100% man. You are not a toy and not a boy, but a warrior. When it comes to serious things, whether purposeful and persistent. Sour cream, like the Mongolian cavalry, all the obstacles on the way to the goal. They can be any. Starting and ending a career area of ​​love.

5. drunk people do bad things, killing and fighting. Wine keeps a person from what he knows, and of the arts, which he has, it becomes a veil or the barriers in his way and his case
Strong beverages, cigarettes, drugs, laziness, computer addiction - the most common modern addictions. Each habit separates you from the goals and dreams. They become an insurmountable obstacle. Do not make yourself unnecessary obstacles and walls. Do you have enough lines that are worth overcoming.

6. It can be anywhere repeat any word, in the assessment which, according to the three wise men, otherwise it can not be relied
Watch your language and words. Many people today are accustomed to too much talk and talk, but not you. This warrior can give an answer for every word. He's not talking incessantly, and his words are not simple sound.

7. Nothing valuable traveling as knowledge of new people and places you oblyubovanie unknown
Genghis Khan sword went through the neighboring lands and captured a lot of people. But he was always attracted to other countries and people. One of the major pleasures of life - a journey. They expand the horizons and understanding of life itself. This is what teaches to perceive things differently. Strange country, city, culture, traditions, people. Time is measured by the successes, events and travel. This is what you'll remember.

8. Looking at the horse face and the faces of people in the vast live stream, raised my will and racing to nowhere on a crimson sunset wilderness, I often think, where I am in this stream?
We are all mortal. Today, it seems to us something very important and essential, but tomorrow will be different. Learn to look at yourself and your life from the outside. We all run the river of fate, rarely thinking about what is happening. Stop. Do not drive the horses. Decide what you want. Find yourself in the flow of life.

Beat the first and never do not stop halfway ...


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