Random events NEVER

The case - a pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign his name

In the universe there are many amazing ways to bring people together. The search for a suitable home, work or life partner, many leave for long distances. And at the same time behind the scenes of the world stage work organization that creates for us the perfect connection. It - Cosmic Coincidence Central.

Random events do not happen. Matches - this wonderful event, which is a creator, God, is not willing to say about themselves. The plans of God does not play any role. Everything that appears in your life - is the result of your intentions and plans.

When you strive to fulfill the desires of your heart, know that the universe knows all your intentions. It organizes events of your life. God has your address, and your every determination to be entered in the Big Book. Do it yourself everything in your power, without stress and bustle and leave the details to the Space Center. When a person is doing everything possible to carry out their intentions, and then relies on the help of invisible intelligent power, did great things. Pray, plan, configure, and do all that I can ... and then let everything go on their own - your ability to let go will be as important as prayer.

Every person you meet on the way - is the actor in the scenario written by you. Your one concern - to continuously improve the script to the film turned out better. Responsibility for directing your film is on you.

How many miracles and magic for you!


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