10 things about which YOU MOTHER NEVER TOLD

There are things your mother never told you, but you should know them exactly ...


That's how it was. Two blue line looked at me with a pregnancy test that I just bought.

I checked twice ...

One line = not pregnant.

Two lines = pregnant.

Yes, I was definitely pregnant.

My heart is pounding.

My head was spinning.

My stomach was bubbling.

I was nervous was excited, scared and excited at the same time.

It's finally happened! After years of dreaming, preparing for this day, it came. I was going to become a mother.

All I knew for nine months, I will go to the most amazing thing that changes lives, agonizing, but incredibly useful trip in my life.

Nine months later, I had to learn firsthand what it means to be a mother. I had to experience a whole new understanding and appreciation of this beautiful woman whom I call "my motherĀ».

Sorry, but most of us do not realize that we had to go through their mothers, to enable them to live. I had to learn many things about the experience of motherhood, which is so little known children.

Here are 10 things that your mother ever tell you not:

You made her cry ... many times. She began to cry when she realized she was pregnant. She began to cry when you gave life. She burst into tears when I first took you in his arms. She cried with happiness. I am crying with fear. I am crying with worry. She was crying with emotion. She felt your pain, and your happiness, and shared it with you, you are aware of it or not.
She wanted to eat that last piece of pie. But she saw what eyes you look at him and how to lick, and could not eat it. She knew that she would be much happier if you naeshsya.
It hurts. When you dragged her by the hair, it hurts; when you scratched her long nails that could not be cut, it hurts; when you bite it while breastfeeding, it was very painful. You bruised her ribs when born, you sprained her belly for nine months, you brought her excruciating pain when she is born.
She was always afraid. From the beginning, she did everything in her power to protect you. She became your mother bear. She wanted to say "no" when the little girl asked a neighbor to hold you in my arms. And it's all cringed when she still took you in his arms. Your mother was convinced that only she can keep you safe. Her heart was beating twice as much with your first steps. She did not go to bed late, to be sure that you get home safe and sound, and got up early to make sure you went to school. With your every stumbling she was ready to catch you. She also was ready to tear you from the clutches of a bad dream or illness. She was there to make sure all is well.
She knew that she was not perfect. She - my own most severe critic. She knows their weaknesses and sometimes hate myself for them. The hardest thing she has to when you see these shortcomings. She wanted to be the perfect mother, do everything right, but it is also a human being, and people make mistakes. Perhaps she still reproaches himself for them. It is by all means wanted to go back in time and do things differently, but it can not. So be kind to her, she did everything in her power.
She watched you sleep. There were nights when she was on her feet with 3:00 in the morning, praying that you finally fell asleep. She could barely keep her eyes open when you sang, pleading, "Please go to sleep." When you finally fall asleep, all her fatigue disappeared suddenly when she sat down at your cradle and looked at your angelic face. At that moment she felt so much love that it is impossible to express in spite of aching hands and red eyes.
She cared about you more than nine months. You also need it as it is to you. She learned to hold you until the clean up, eat, sometimes even while asleep, because it was the only option to sleep. Her arms were tired, back - ached, but she still held you in my arms, because you wanted to be closer to her. She clung to you, love you, kiss you and play with you. Do you feel safe in her hands, did you feel that you are loved. She wore you as much as you like.
Every time you cried, her heart was broken. As soon as she saw your face streaming tears flow, she was doing everything possible to stop them. If it is not - her heart was divided into a million pieces.
It puts you in the first place. She could live without eating, showering and sleeping. She always put your interests above their own. She could spend the whole day, paying attention to you, and in the late afternoon she simply had no time for myself. The next day she woke up, and it started again, because you are very much meant to her.
She could do it again. Being a mother - is the hardest job you can imagine, and sometimes it brings to the disruption. You're crying, you're hurt, you're trying, attempts end in failure, you work and you learn. But as you get more fun than I could imagine and feel more love than thought possible. Despite the pain, sleepless nights and early awakening, through which you made your mother go, she'd do it to you again, because you're so much meant to her. So the next time you see her, thanked her mother, let her know how much you love her. Such confessions does not happen much.
Natasha Crai


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