Wrongdoing WOMEN

In every woman there is a direct link to the "divine". This channel is polluted because of the following wrongdoing woman ...

In every woman there is a direct link to the "divine". In our contemporary reality, basically, this channel dirty emotional and mental operating time a person is under great influence of the world around him. In rare women now that the channel is clear.

This channel is polluted because of the following wrongdoing women:

1. The clothes
A woman needs to dress clean and beautiful. But often many of the women dress up, playing up his own concupiscence, exposing parts of the body. Thus, they give "the" solution. They throw lustful looks. In contrast to the loving look, a lustful gaze can hit and can break through the human energy field. as a consequence - bodily or mental illness. The true beauty of women will never cause a feeling of lust, it causes feelings of fascination and admiration of all ages.

2. Wrong family relationships
If a woman "wash dirty linen in public", reveals the mystery of what is happening in the family, he tells all about her husband or her children to strangers, by the same token, it opens its power, oberezhny circle of his family. And then the voluntary or involuntary intervention of another person can affect and disrupt peace in the family.

You can only talk to those who really can help: You can consult with a mentor; You can trust a woman who has a divine grace; You can trust your man, if he does not show feminine qualities (ie, he does not tell others entrusted to him).

3. We must learn to be her husband. But not in front
When the woman in front, a man loses his sense of pioneering. The task of women - reveal a man of his masculinity, his help create the harmony of will and love.

4. A woman should be able to keep their secrets
Women do not need to give all his secret. The secret is to be in front of his man. If a man understands the mystery of the woman, she loses interest for him, if the man should not be painted, you can not walk in front of it in the form untidy. All the best homes have to wear for her man. You can not hurry to reveal their intimacy. First, should all mature and the opening should be gradual. The quality of the relationship must continue to grow in the commonwealth.

5. List
The list - a struggle. A woman struggling with a man.
This woman makes men's movement and destroys its essence. Showing men will, a woman destroys your space in her crumbling relationship with male relatives.
And other. Any use of natural law female power immediately affects man. Man throws it through anger and aggression ... If she wholeheartedly supports the man, even if he believes that he made the wrong decision, further circumstances lead to the fact that the loss or not, or they will be the lowest.

6. Over-expression of female power
What is characteristic of women's power? Femininity and softness. Excessive femininity - when a woman is often capricious, often crying - that it destroys their surroundings, their energy field.

7. Assignment
This right to decide for men and children. To decide and take responsibility for the decision itself should be a man.

8. gossip
The consequence of gossip and gossip about others will have their own troubles. If you judge others, then he falls under the influence of evil forces and privlechёsh necessarily negative in my life.

9. impure thoughts and desires
It manifested in the demands of love, affection, decoration, focus, a better fate coming from the self (ego). We must be able to understand that what we have now - is a payment, which is given for the path that you have walked before (karmic consequences).

If you are able to reveal themselves at a higher level, you will be given more. We must learn to accept his gift, and his way. If you were glad to small, you offer more. Get only what they themselves are able to give and are giving, because the attitude of another person to you is a mirror of your attitude towards him.

10. When a woman enters a man's
Catching male cases, the strength of women is opened, fading away, its energy is violated. Women are much stronger when the proceeds from the essence of female power - acts on the basis of love. A man in a woman is confident, he accepts it as a strong rear.

11. When a woman takes the power in their hands
The daughter is learning the example of the mother and family relationships. If the mother is domineering, the daughter is also showing authoritativeness.

The boy will need to nurture and love, it is necessary to learn to make decisions and take responsibility for them. And if a boy can be explained, to teach him, and he realizes that the girl's different. No explanation and educational measures will not help - it is important only living example of the mother. What mother - like daughter. Moreover, we must bear in mind that children in general and girls in particular, is in the exhibit are often the qualities that parents actually have, but hard to hide. So I do not think negative thoughts and feelings, if you hide them, no one will see - all the children show in their actions and words ...


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