Law of Giving

Have you ever heard the phrase that "in order to get something, you must first give." This is the fundamental law of the universe energy exchange, which states that "life is present where there is an exchange┬╗.

To get rich, you need to help another person become rich. To be loved, you must love yourself. To be healthy, you need to give your body the healthy components (exercise, nutrition, sleep, daily routine, etc.). Where there is an exchange, there is life. That's why many rich people understand that in order to come into their lives the money you need to give some of his wealth to charity. They gave something of their own universe, what it pleased to reciprocate.

Kind words
In the abundance of very important role played by the gifts and blessings. If you take it a rule to make gifts to others, then they will answer you the same. What is meant? There is no question about expensive things, your gift can be a kind word or advice at a difficult time of life. Give you a smile to a stranger, or help in some uncomplicated matter. You can give your phone or address of those people who can help someone. Give a book that will give answers to many questions of concern to your friend. The gift can be anything, something that gives aid to another person. And no matter the price of such a gift, the main thing is, what she presented to the intentions.

Blessing often people associated with religious movements. But in this case it refers to a favorable attitude toward the world. Abundance - positive person's ability to relate to people and the world at large. If you see that you are surrounded by happiness and warmth, then the universe will nourish your faith. Pos
ylaya positive energy of people around, they feel a pleasant feeling in your company. That's your positive towards the world attract into your life the same positive people, situations and events.

The law of energy exchange
The exchange of energy - it is the law throughout the universe. If you are trying to get rich thanks to the constant and netrate saving money, then they will cease to flow into your life. Only exchanging with what you need, with the outside world, you open the way for a kickback.


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