47 things that I learned only at forty

Famous Life-coach and business coach Andrea Reiser recently celebrated her 40th birthday. She says that in the last decade of his life has learned more than in the first 30 years. And now she is sharing with us this experience.

Here are her 47 instruction for all those who still under 40:

This is normal - that does not understand art. Do not be afraid to admit it.
Do not waste time worrying and moaning about things that are beyond your control. Just let go.
Everything that you see depends on how you look at it.
Stop comparing your life with the lives of others! Immediately!
Listen to those who deserve it. Really listen! This is one of the most useful tips that I can give you.
It's awesome - bring together old friends, who have long not see each other. This is one of the coolest things in life.
Morning rarely good if before was a good night.
If you go to the supermarket with a dirty head and no makeup - do not worry!
Experience memorable things - no.
Confidence - it is very beautiful.
Laugh! It's worth it.

While some people will continue to surprise you with the depth of their stupidity and greed, while others will show you new heights on the part of kindness and compassion. Continue to believe in people!
Do not waste your life on the expectations, hopes and dreams.
If you're constantly waiting for that someone will give you joy, you will never learn to be happy alone.
Insults are not worth.
You will never regret in vain lived through the day if you can for someone to please.
"Thank you" and "please" - words that are always appreciated and always appropriate.
Order to small but noisy voice in your head that prevents you concentrate shut. It works!
Food in the office does not matter. Meetings and table also does not matter. What matters is the company itself.
Being a super busy - it does not mean to be honest, meaningful, popular or successful. In fact, better to be healthy than to be engaged.
Despite all of your guesses, you do not have a clue about what is going on behind the doors of other lyudih.
Almost all of our bad deeds and bitter disappointments occur because of jealousy.
If something makes you happy, it does not mean that it can do the same the other person.
It is not always in your troubles someone to blame. Most look in the mirror.
You can disagree with someone's opinion or judgment, but it does not mean that these people are wrong. Never argue on themes of politics, religion and love.
Friendship changes over time. Sometimes it ends. And that's fine.
Sunscreen - your best friend in the summer.
Stop poeticize and romanticize the past. Stop fantasizing about how well you will be in the future. Feel the taste of life right now. Grant that every day and every moment mattered.
Revising old photos. It soothes the soul.
Sometimes you've got to do something just because it is right. It is uncomfortable. Most often, this is inconvenient. But it is almost always worth it.
Do not limit yourself during disputes. Sometimes tough talk much better than unspoken resentment and misunderstanding.
Some events simply should not happen. The sooner you realize this and give up false expectations, the better.
If someone can not find a solution to your problem, but it seems obvious to you, it's likely that he had already tried to solve it this way, but it did not work.
A good night's sleep - it is a gift of God that can change everything.
People will spend their time on you, if you are important to them. If not, then you overestimate its importance.
Sometimes you need to take on challenges. In the name of love, peace and harmony.
Do not let yourself get angry at other people. Show more compassion.
Stop worrying about what is not relevant to the case now. Stop wasting energy on things you are independent of.
Accept and enjoy all the changes in his life.
Be polite and sincere smile - are completely different things.
Silence - the best way to recovery and healing.
Take up one thing at a time. Break up large-scale problems into smaller manageable case. Everything will turn out.
Life - this is what happens while you wait for the next big feat, or a breakthrough. You must learn to feel the taste of each day.
If you podnazhmete and focus on what you do well, then everything will be much better.
Everything that happens has a reason. Sometimes it is not immediately evident, but it is definitely there.
Do not set ambitious goals. It is better to focus on the best for your lifestyle. Keep your eyes and mind open.
Have the courage to take risks. Use every opportunity. Because they can never appear before you again.
Andrea Reiser


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