10 biggest monsters in movie

Godzilla, perhaps the most famous monster giant in the history of cinema, but not the biggest. In this collection contains dozens of the most recognizable and simply huge monsters of ever appear on the screen.


10. Optimus Prime (Transformers) - 8, 5 meters.


This robot, alien, and even looks like a giant in the movie, but in fact this is a "midget" in this collection. His height, he stands on two legs, only 8, 5 meters. So he opens our list.

9. Basilisk (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) - 15 meters.


A huge snake with his mouth full of sharp teeth and four fangs. His whole body is covered with scaly armored skin, which is similar in strength to the skin of the dragon. Basilisk lives about 900 years old, weighs about two tons and reaches a length of 15 meters.

8. marshmallow man (ghost hunters) - 34 meters.


Watch how a chubby man wades through the neighborhoods of New York it was very funny. Our rating is, without exaggeration, the cutest monster. But not the biggest. Its height in the film was 34 meters.

7. Smaug (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) - 61 meters.


A very brainy, clever, but extremely lazy dragon Smaug certainly less than Godzilla, but certainly richer than all the other monsters from the list. It is nose to tail it has a length of 61 meters. And, that's how great his fortune - does not give the account.

6. Balerion (Song of Ice and Fire) - 76 meters.


Balerion was the largest of the Targaryen dragons; among Wyrmskull in the Red Castle is the largest of its skull. Baleriona teeth were long as swords, and his mouth wide enough to swallow the whole tour, and maybe a mammoth. Balerion flames belched black, his scales, and said that his wings were so large that the shadow of laying the whole city, as it flew over them. And despite the fact that on the screen, he did not appear, this monster deserves a place on our list.

5. Cloverfield (Cloverfield) - 90 meters.


Kloferfild - a giant monster from the sci-fi movie "Cloverfield." It's not rocket punch, he is immune to almost all human weapons. New York was almost razed to the ground this bogey. After resetting the nuclear bomb Cloverfield likely suffered and threw him blast. Rather Cloverfield extraterrestrial origin. With his sypyatsya parasites about the size of a man.

4. Godzilla (Godzilla) - 117 meters.


So we got to the most famous monster. This guy destroys huge skyscrapers like a house of cards and spreads giant monsters left and right. It is, of course, cool. But then the monster will go over it.

3. Kraken (Clash of the Titans) - 127 meters.


In this film the Kraken appears in the image is not normal, though very large octopus and giant humanoid reptiles living in the abyss of the sea. He is strong, huge and terrifying one of its kind.
3. Kraken (Clash of the Titans) - 127 meters. Kinomonstry, biggest kinomonstry, fantasy,

2. Sleytern (Pacific Rim) - 181 meters.


Dowd (this is translated from English his name) is the first and only known Kaizen fifth category, ever encountered by humanity. The biggest and most powerful kaizen, it has not been surpassed by any of his fellows.

1. Sando Water Monster (Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace) - 200 meters.


Sando water monster that we saw in "The Phantom Menace" on the planet Naboo, is perhaps the biggest of all the creatures in the film Star Wars. Due to massive tail, rear fins, two powerful paws and a large mouth Sando both impressive and frightening as any huge kinomonstr.


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