21 GOLDEN RULE good relationship

Everyone knows that a well-developed relations help, in family matters and in different spheres of life. There are twenty-one golden rule, that rule will help you build a good relationship with other people.

Relationships - this is the basic instrument through which lies the path to success and achieve life goals. The people who lived in Soviet times - more acutely aware of the need for good relations. After all, to get something, you need have been dating. For example, if you want to buy meat instead prilavochnyh bones needed to know a butcher or one who knows the butcher. Even today, those who are not able to build a relationship - it is difficult for life.

Twenty-one golden rule that will help you build a good relationship with other people.

Terms of good relations:
Support and praise people at every opportunity. Your approval acts as a fertilizer for human growth.
Nobody never ridicule or humiliate.
About the only good man says. If you can not do anything positive to say about another, better not say anything.
Pay attention to the affairs of the people, then you can always find reason to praise others and not to flatter them.
Emphasize the positive qualities of the person. If it is still not a noble and wise, then a glimpse of a man in it. And this man will want to confirm this.
You should not criticize people. If you are still set to the criticism, then let it be turned to his actions, and not to the person's identity.
You should not constantly demonstrate their superiority over other people. So you just end up being enemies. Do you want to be friends with the people, then let them feel their own importance with you.
Always notice their own mistakes and guilt - and apologize.
To listen to you, offer better than to issue orders.
Irritation - it is a signal that the person needs help and support. Therefore sympathetic to the people of this.
Be a good listener and talk less.
Sometimes, let's understand what a good idea came from someone else. It does not matter who was the first, the most important is what it can lead.
If you think that the man is wrong, then killing it, you still did not stop. Until he favors, he would insist on.
Do you want to be able to stop any dispute, then admit that you might be wrong. Then go away cause of the conflict and the dispute stopped.
Most people are given gifts without any reason. This will show that you do not wait for the holidays and want to please the person every day.
If you have something annoying, be patient, keep quiet, keep emotions. Do not cut everything from the beginning. Just let the man speak, and you pay attention to the points that you are impressed. At the end of the conversation notify your opponent that reflect on what was said.
Make your motto interested in people than they generate interest.
Please refer to the full name of the person. It's a lot nicer than hearing abbreviated name or a certain nickname. So you show respect to his personality.
Try to end the conversation so that the person was in a good mood.
Learn to forgive.
To the Regulation to improve its own relations with other people. Do not try to cover the entire spectrum, start practicing a little, to eventually be able to do everything. Once you reach perfection, the people you are grateful and reciprocate.


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