Robot bricklayer lays down the house for two days

What robots can put masonry, is not news. However, the possibility of an industrial robot Hadrian ("Adrian") from the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics merit special attention. It is the world's first specialized robot mason who is able to lay out the walls of conventional country house in two days.

Working almost entirely autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, such a robot for the year vozvedёt a village of 150 houses. It is unlikely that such a force, even a team of workers. They can not be compared with Adrian speed masonry 1000 bricks per hour. Not to mention the 24-hour shifts and work seven days a week.

The creator of "Adrian" - a local inventor from Perth in Western Australia, a mechanical engineer and aviation engineer Mark Pivach (Mark Pivac). He became interested in the creation of such a robot in 2005, during the crisis of masons in the city.

"People lay bricks about 6000 years, and since the industrial revolution is constantly trying to automate this process, - says Mark Pivach. - We have reached a technological level, where several different technologies have evolved enough to make possible what we have done ».

"Adrian," named after the famous Roman defensive wall length of 117 km in order to prevent the raids of the barbarians from the north (Hadrian's Wall). Robot will be put into commercial operation, first in the state of Western Australia, then throughout the country, and then in other countries. You can imagine how thousands of these robots being built houses the Russian hinterland.

The control computer calculates the steps robotic arm, using available CAD-model of a house or another object. It calculates the position of each brick and is an algorithm for cutting and stacking the bricks. The telescopic robotic arm length of 28 meters could reach the farthest corner of the construction.

Pivacha invention has already attracted the attention of investors. This week announced that the investment company DMY Capital Limited buys 100% stake startup Fastbrick Robotics, who founded with his brother.

The development of Hadrian so far spent $ 7 million. The startup has received substantial assistance from the federal government grants and major construction companies such as Brickworks Ltd.



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