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I want to visit the Museum, go to a conference or to see friends, but it is not possible or just too lazy to get up off the couch? It offers elegant Double Robotics, which will allow You to move literally anywhere in the globe! And this is not an invention of science fiction writers of the last century, and a very real possibility. However, for this You need two iPad tablet, a special device Double Robotics and access to the Internet.

Double Robotics is a mobile platform for iPad. One tablet is connected to the robot, the second is You and acts as a remote controller. Control is via a specially designed app.
The sleek design and sensitive screen of the robot will allow You to move freely without any inconvenience. Robonica easy to install at eye level standing or seated companion, and the height is adjustable by You remotely, which makes communication more lively and real. In the case that the robot is not moving for a long time, for energy saving will be automatically extended a special stand that will allow you to lock it in one position. Powerful and efficient engines and lightweight construction makes Double Robotics to operate without recharging for the whole day!

Examples of the use of Double Robotics:
Double Robotics can be used if your company has multiple offices located far from each other. Remotely working employees can fully participate in all conferences and discussions.

Double Robotics is applicable in the retail trade. It can be used as a "mobile shop". In this case, the robot is remotely controlled by a sales specialist.

If You are far away from their loved ones, Double Robotics is simply indispensable in order to keep in touch with them. In contrast, virtual communication, this device provides the effect of full presence and as live communication.

With the help of Double Robotics the doctor, despite his busy schedule, to visit their patients more frequently. The robot will help qualified professionals without leave and at any time to advise their colleagues in remote clinics.


It is worth noting that, unlike other systems that provide telepresence, Double Robotics is very moving. You can walk the streets of the city, to communicate with colleagues and partners in both formal and informal settings, to visit exhibitions, galleries, theatres etc. This means that in this age of fantastic discoveries and inventions distance loses its significance, it remains only to find time for amazing walks with Double Robotics.

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