Robot from Double Robotics: tested on humans

Now nobody will be surprised with video link - users can communicate visually with the help of dozens of applications. But today's Geek to the Future, we will tell you about something really futuristic ...

It is not known who first proposed to combine iPad, video and ... wheels - but the robot Double - or in Russian "double" - from the company Double Robotics, in fact, it implements this idea. If you want to not just talk to someone, but also, for example, virtually be near interlocutor - "double" the best remedy.

20 years on these robots will laugh - because by then for sure there will be some avatars or surrogates, but today it is a strange combination of a cylinder and stick the screen looks pretty technologically .

Developers from Double Robotics did not invent his creation from scratch, and decided to build on existing models: American VGo, iRobot Ava, Anybots QB, French Gostai Jazz, Russian P-bot and WeBot - they all belong to the so-called telepresence robots, allowing you to located in two places. Thanks to modern technology, Double worth less than their counterparts. And it can be considered reasonable. Well, relatively affordable.

Can bet that despite the explanation, you still vaguely know who might come in handy this aypad on wheels. Well, imagine the situation: a large office, CEO flew a mission to distant lands ... As there saying? Cat of the house mouse in dance. But if it gendira no "double" - as well as he can at any time call in to check the accounting department, then the smoking room, etc. Yes and regular teleconference with the same director held fitter: the use of "double" is very different from the session on Skype - because the boss may at any time to "turn down" and see what there doing office drones.

Next - training. You get sick, but do not want to miss a lecture favorite teacher? And again, "double" can help you out. Visit the Louvre or the Prado without leaving the apartment - please.

Well, the developers are constantly talking about what you should liberate the imagination and then there is another 1000 Double and 1 application.

And now look at "double" closer. "It looks as if made in Apple» - such a comparison, of course, sounds like a compliment to the developers of Double Robotics. Simple shapes, no unnecessary details - practicality triumphs. "Double" is composed of three parts. The "head" of the robot - pretty durable carrying case that fits into a normal iPad (except for the first generation and line mini; for iPad Air need a special adapter - Double the latest versions it is included). Then, this structure is attached to a telescopic arm connected to the housing.

Inside the body - engine, battery (28, 8, 2900 mAh) accelerometers, gyroscopes and electronic "brains", outside - rubberized wheels, two reclining footrests for parking, rear - socket for charging station or power supply. Plus the power button. Double pretty confident and kept upright to its "drop" will need a remarkable effort.

Charging station is not included it will have to buy extra ($ 299). Plus docking station - with it you can activate at any time, day or night (connection via the power supply blocks this feature); negative - to the station only in the robot calls in "manual mode".

Use a robot is no more difficult than any modern appliances. Established a special program on the iPad from iTunes, quickly checked zakonnektil tablet with "double" via Bluetooth - everything can go to scare your colleagues or relatives.

To control will fit almost any epplovsky device - set all the same application Double, only in settings switches «Drive». And no "androids" (at least not yet). Fallback - control with any laptop or desktop (Windows, Mac) via Google Chrome ( Naturally, Double must be located in an area Wi-Fi or a confident cover 3G / 4G (for the iPad with the presence of the corresponding module).

After starting the application and enter login and password, you can select one of the registered your "doubles" from the list (iPhone, iPod) or directly on the world map (iPad, Google Chrome). The screen manager iDevices have all the necessary buttons to operate, switching and audio settings, etc. If you are going to control the robot from the "chrome", then control by using the keyboard. For example, to move forward and backward, left and right cursor keys is performed.

Regardless of which method of control "double" is used, you can move pretty briskly on a flat surface (24 m / s), turn on the go (not just "stopped and turned," namely on the go) and change the height of the robot ( the rod can be pulled out and the total height Double varies in the range of 120-150 cm - the higher the robot, the lower movement speed). Yes, use outside the premises "double" contraindicated and sills more polusantimetra height can lead to unpredictable consequences. We have a couple of times he flopped - through high nut and trying to drop the curb. Thanks to the developers for a case with high sides - iPad stand the test.

Video calling is activated automatically - as soon as you are connected to the robot, and you can not disable it (you can only turn off the sound). You might ask, well, how can he toured all of these chairs, tables, and so on? Sensors, lasers and other high-tech shamanism is not to blame.

iPad is inserted into the bag upside down - a tricky design allows you to switch to the rear camera aypada and watch Will not before "double" insurmountable obstacle.

Incidentally, iPad can be charged directly through Double, for this is included in the cable connector on the tablet, and then passed into the cover and inserted at the other end to the internal USB-connector.

Decided to leave the robot alone? Press the «P» (parking) on ​​the screen of the control device (or on the laptop keyboard / desktop) and "double" go into standby mode, firing from two housing stabilizing footboard.

Double - pleasure, to put it mildly, is not cheap - in the US it costs $ 2,500. And in Russia the robot is not directly delivered. But we have much to be proud of: the development of the Double Robotics investment company invested heavily Grishin Robotics, led by the notorious Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Group.

Do robots enslave us? "Double" is unlikely to give you the answer to this question - it's just a fancy tool for communication, which today are not designed for the widest possible audience.

Whether it is a popular and mass? Watch out for the Chinese. Once a copy of «double» appear on DealExtreme or Alibaba, so all - robots among us.

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