10 tips from the Shaolin monks about how to stay forever young

The great master of martial arts and Shaolin Monk Shifu Yan Lei gives some useful tips for people who want to stay healthy and young as long as possible

What we wish your family and friends in the first place? What we think of as the most important part of our lives? You've probably already guessed that the correct answer - it's great. But how many people do anything for your health than idle chatter?

If you decide to do with their health, it is time to start doing it right now!

Do not think too much. Reflections take energy and the old you.
Do not talk too much. People either do or say. And it's better to be one of those who do.
Divide your work into segments of 40 minutes and make a pause in between 10 minutes. Long concentration of view on the same harms your eyes and internal organs.
When you are happy, you have to control your feelings. Loss of control over them hurt your energy Lung (wind energy, or life force of the wind).
Do not worry and do not get angry too much. It harms your liver and intestines.
Do not overeat. Always try to keep the small hunger. Overeating harm the spleen and other organs.
Do not rush in their own backyard. Always remember saying: "Slow and steady wins - on going».
Make time for relaxation. If you are only physical exercise and taking time to relax and stretch, you will become irritable and will lose energy Yin, disrupting the balance of Yin and Yang.
Not very relaxing. However, if you do not do sports, and will only pay attention to rest, meditation and Qi Gong, you will lose energy yang.
Learn Kung Fu, which gives you all kinds of energy. The purpose of training - to find a balance between your yin and yang. How many hours do you spend on this - it does not matter, the main thing to find what you need your body.
Some of these tips are hard to apply to our lives. For example, a class of kung fu in our countries has long turned into a kind of martial arts, and the energy of the lung have heard, at best, one person in a thousand.


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