A monk of Shaolin can run on water

Monk Shi Liliang of Shaolin Temple South was able to run 125 meters in the water, put another record. This is reported SMI.Chtoby run on water, the monk used the attachments in the form of plywood boards. At a distance of 125 meters men took 200 boards, floating on the surface of vodoema.Monah Shi Liliang does not sink under water thanks to verified combination of running speed and retention ravnovesiya.Priem that uses Shaolin monk called "flying over the water." Every kung fu master must have in his skill set this priem.Monah Shi Liliang is an absolute world record for "flight over the water." In January this year, he ran through a plywood plank, floating on the water 120 meters. Run the water monk began in 2009, when he was able to cover a distance of 18 meters, and a year later he mastered 28 meters.


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